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Less than an hour away from Tel Aviv, we welcome you to visit our "old queen". Don't be fooled by the age - She is ancient, but still rocking!
Slope off into the ancient route in the scenic Judean Mountains, and we promise you'd feel the glitter thrusting upon you.


Enjoy the breathtaking view from the Mount of Olives, overlooking the 3,000 years old city, including the outstanding Temple Mount and the choking Dome of the Rock.


Walk through the old city and visit the Western Wall, considered to be the holiest site in the Jewish religion, and Via Dolorosa, believed by many to be the path Jesus marched as he carried the cross to the Calvary.

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Tel Aviv-Jaffa is Israel's most thriving metropolis in Israel, and the main centre of business, lifestyle and culture. The bustling city of Tel Aviv, with its skyscrapers and shops, nightlife and cafes, was unified with the old city of Jaffa, thus merging the dynamic and modern Tel Aviv with the magical historical Jaffa.


In recent year, Tel Aviv-Jaffa has become the centre for the LGBT community in Israel. The gay lifestyle and the excepting environment awarded Tel Aviv-Jaffa with the GayCities 2011 prize for the best Gay City in the World.


Your tour to Tel Aviv-Jaffa will takes you along the Rothschild Boulevard where you can admire the Bauhaus original buildings, recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. The boulevard is one of the first streets of Tel Aviv, and its magical atmosphere turned it to the unofficial gaybourhood and a significant cruising area.

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The land of Israel had many admirers throughout history and has been a desirable territory by every significant ruler. Therefore, it is no surprise that the Roman Empire left such a remarkable effect that lives till this very day.


Overlooking the dead-sea, in the edge of the desert, the Roman leader Herod the Great fortified Masada as a refuge in the event of a revolt. Ironically, the eventful history of Israel brought the Jewish rebels to hide is Masada, struggling with a roman siege (72 A.D.).


We invite you to explore the rich history, the magnificent stories and the outstanding scenery, located only two hours away from Tel Aviv.

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Two hours away from Tel Aviv, we invite you to visit a little gift of nature. On the lowest point on earth lays a fountain of youth, and one of the world's first health resorts.


Join us on a scenic journey eastwards to the Judean Mountains, passing Jerusalem and Jericho, two of the oldest cities in the world. Cross the magnificent Judean desert (otherwise known as "the wilderness of Judea"), but don't get too dry, as the best is yet to come!

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With one plastic Jesus on the dashboard, we invite you to explore Israel's wonderful north. Less than two hours away from Tel Aviv, the Hills and sights of the Galilee are a definite ba-gock! Many historic wonders have happened in the green hills of the Galilee, and this fabulous journry might just be another miracle waiting to happen.


Your trip begins in Nazareth, where you can visit the Basilica of the Annunciation, where St. Gabriel (Hebrew for "Masculine God") informed Mary that she would be the mother of the Massiah.

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Pack up your bad lamps and cameras, and let us show you our Mediterranean wonderland. From Alexander the great to Napoleon (the small), every men tried to win this old-goat, and you are welcome to know why.


Your trip begins with a tour to the ancient city of Caesarea. Built by Herodes the Great in 25 BC, this city was considered the most advanced sea port in the world, and archeological excavations discovered well-preserved arched storehouses, spreading right on the shores of the Mediterranean sea.

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"Wine is bottled poetry" and the Israeli wine is no exception! We bid you welcome to the Israeli Tuscany!


In recent years, a growing number of vineyards have been operating in the green north of Israel, creating an exceptional experience where you would least expect it.

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For those of you who need more adrenalin, we have the perfect solution! Jeep tour in Israel's wild nature is a unique and unforgettable experience! This is an amazing opportunity to enjoy breathtaking views under the year-long blue sky and closely examine the amazing wild life (the one outside of Tel Aviv!).


Experience a challenging drive through mysterious jeep-roads, and enjoy the spectacular valleys and mountains that surround you.

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