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Pride Tours is the first and only travel agency in Israel that specialises in Gay and Lesbian tourism.

Founded in 2005, we have taken upon ourselves to create unique, dynamic and unforgettable experiences for gay and lesbian vacationers on their visit to wonderful Israel.


Proud of Israel

Our experienced, gay-friendly and professional guides will introduce you to the past, present and future of vibrant and energetic Israel. Let us walk you through the marvelous history, nature, culture and magic of an ancient, yet vivacious country.

Indulge unique Mediterranean culinary worlds, wine tastings, Dead Sea natural spa and cosmetic experiences, shops, bars, clubs, restaurants and sunny beaches.

For such a small country, Israel offers not only an extreme urban experience, but also a fascinating nature, history and various adventures, a few hours' drive away. From the snowy Hermon Mountain through the green blooming hills on the Galilee, on to the dry desert of the Negev; from the tower of King David, through the birthplace of Jesus, to the fashionable vibe of Tel Aviv, we are pleased and proud to show you what our small country has for you.


Proud to have you

We provide custom-tailored trips for singles, couples and groups. Our exclusive services include booking hotels, restaurants, club entrances, spas, shopping, transportation and many more.
For more information, please contact info@pridetours.co.il.


Pride Tours Israel. The pink carpet to Israel is in a click away.