Pack up your bad lamps and cameras, and let us show you our Mediterranean wonderland. From Alexander the great to Napoleon (the small), every men tried to win this old-goat, and you are welcome to know why.


Your trip begins with a tour to the ancient city of Caesarea. Built by Herodes the Great in 25 BC, this city was considered the most advanced sea port in the world, and archeological excavations discovered well-preserved arched storehouses, spreading right on the shores of the Mediterranean sea.


Just above the storehouses, explore the Temple to Augustus Caesar, and don’t miss the crusader wall and the ancient amphitheatre, considered to be the first theatre in Israel. Most of the 3,500 seats were reconstructed and various Israeli performances bring this theatre to life every summer.


Drive along the Carmel Mountain and see the spectacular view of the bay from the Baha'i Gardens, also known as the Hanging Gardens of Haifa. This strictly nurtured garden surrounds the golden shrine, the Baha'i house of prayer, and is designed meticulously to represent the nineteen disciplines of the Baha'I faith.


Colourfully planted flowers and trees, water fountains and ornaments, and a recent 10 years long renovation project has improved the gardens so vastly, that some consider it to be the 8th wonder of the world.


In wonderland by now? You will then cross the Haifa Bay to the northern side to visit of the ancient city of Acre. Explore the city and its 4,000 years long history, visit the port and smell the authentic Mediterranean scents, and you'd surely understand why Acre played such heavy role in history.

Cruise back to medieval times in the underground Headquarters of the knights of St. John, followed by a visit to the Ottoman era of the city - see the 18th century Turkish Bazaar, Kahan El-Umdan, and the picturesque Pisan port.