The land of Israel had many admirers throughout history and has been a desirable territory by every significant ruler. Therefore, it is no surprise that the Roman Empire left such a remarkable effect that lives till this very day.


Overlooking the dead-sea, in the edge of the desert, the Roman leader Herod the Great fortified Masada as a refuge in the event of a revolt. Ironically, the eventful history of Israel brought the Jewish rebels to hide is Masada, struggling with a roman siege (72 A.D.).


We invite you to explore the rich history, the magnificent stories and the outstanding scenery, located only two hours away from Tel Aviv.


Drive up the Judean Mountains, pass Jerusalem and curve along the ancient Jericho road, used throughout history as a path from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea. Witness the remarkable Judean desert and visit the Qumran Caves, where some of the oldest copies of the bible were discovered (also known as the Dead Sea scrolls). Drive along the shores of the Dead Sea to Masada, and a cable car will bring you to the top of the fortress. The incredible history will do the rest.


"Let our wives die unabashed, our children without knowledge of slavery...Let us die un-enslaved by our enemies and live this world as free men in the company of our wives and children" said Ben-Yair, leader of the Jewish rebels in Masada. The story of Masada is a story of liberty, freedom and most importantly – a story of pride!


Inspired by history, enjoy a soothing afternoon in the lowest natural spa on earth! Located at the foot of Masada, the Dead Sea is a little gift of nature. Its mud is rich with minerals and other beneficial elements, and is famous throughout the world for its' therapeutic qualities. This ultimate relaxation is the time to forget all your worries and connect with nature's historic fountain of youth.