"Wine is bottled poetry" and the Israeli wine is no exception! We bid you welcome to the Israeli Tuscany!


In recent years, a growing number of vineyards have been operating in the green north of Israel, creating an exceptional experience where you would least expect it.


Just an hour away from Tel-Aviv, the scenery is turning greener and greener, and at the foot of the Carmel Mountain and the mountains of Galilee , we invite you to explore the production process of Israeli wine and brandy, and the historic vineyard's terroir.


Many of the wineries were established by the very first Zionist pioneers who arrived to the Land of Israel in 1882, and apart from a fabulous wine, they remain a symbol of an innovative vision.


Wine and cheese – could there be a better combination? Our culinary tour will then continue to an outstanding dairy farm boutique, producing exceptional organic goat and sheep cheeses. Taste some of the delicacies as you see the flocks of sheep and goats gently making their way on the hillside.


Plant a tree in the Israeli pride forest as you get ready for the jewel of the day: a cooking workshop with an Israeli Chef, who will expose his recipes and teach you how to prepare ethnic meals at his very own kitchen! And remember, if you are afraid of butter, always use cream!